First Savings Credit Card

There seems to be more than a little confusion going around when it comes to information you might find on the First Savings Credit Card at the first glance. First of all, you aren't going to even be able to apply for their offering if haven't already been contacted about it. That part alone should lead people to be suspicious. If you follow-up your mailing about a card into a website that only accepts people who have the same mailing you have, there's something a bit fishy with that. Even if the First Savings Credit Card is issued by a legal bank, their method of getting customers is rather suspect at best. If they are only accepting people they have sent letters to, question should be how they got your information in the first place.

It's not a bad thing to send out exclusive offers or exclusive card offerings at all. The problem comes with offers that nobody else can apply for. If their offer is so great, why aren't they making it available to any and everyone who would love to apply for it? Cards like this one tend to target people who have debt, what they will do is get you into their card plans and while you think you are paying them for one thing, you are actually paying off possibly old debts in your credit history you aren't obligated to pay. As we said before, any time a card company will target you specifically, always wonder why and where they got your information from.


There have been people paying crazy amounts in fees and things that seem to not be mentioned to them beforehand. While we neither approve nor disapprove of First Savings Credit Card, we know that many times the information really is there in the contracts all along. Unfortunately people don't read their contracts. They seem to only go from the few numbers that are provided to them and they run with it. To make things even more confusing on that front, the First Savings Credit Card terms and conditions are broken down into five different areas that they call their contract offers. The question there is why they did not choose to name it their Terms and Conditions so that people would easily know where to view that information. Another concern on that is wondering why break it down into five different areas to click on. It seems that they are taking advantage of how people are usually intimidated by long contracts and therefore less likely to read if it looks to be so lengthy.

Before you make your decision on the First Savings Credit Card we highly suggest that you take a deep breath and a lot of time to carefully look through their contract offers and make sure that what they are offering is actually what you perceive it to be. Perception isn't always the best friend when it comes to reading contracts. Most times companies will know how to word things to create a false perception so they can fool you if you don't ask for clarification. Therefore, if you go through all of their information, make phone calls to them and are still confused, trash their offer and find a different one from another more reputable institution.